Wedding Gown Restoration & Preservation:

Whether it's a new, just worn bridal gown or mom's or grandma's somewhat yellowed and not quite the right size dress; whether it's a christening gown, a communion dress, doll clothes, heirloom lace or any other treasured textile item.
PRESTIGE...Exceptional Fabricare offers:
Hand Cleaning, Restoration, Re-styling, Alterations, Repair and Preservation and expertise developed through our company history as sensitive fabricare providers since we opened in 1957.

Our cleaning, dry or wet, combines the best of traditional hand skills and current technology... gentle and environmentally friendly...and for those who need it, we offer service to the chemically sensitive. Because this work is all done in-house, requests for viewing before packaging are invited.


Acid free packaging for long term storage is suitably sized for anything from a baby's tiny dress to a voluminously skirted wedding gown. Our boxes are constructed by companies whose products have been used for 50 years for wedding gown storage and by the U. S. Archives, the Library of Congress and the Smithsonian Institution for their storage needs.

In packaging, an item is never "hermetically" or vacuum sealed. It is layered and supported with acid free tissue and, to allow for a certain amount of air exchange as recommended by textile conservators, the package is only strategically taped closed or tied with ribbon. Packaging a textile piece which has been appropriately cleaned, is the most effective method of protection from the deteriorating effects of light, dust, bacteria, moths and other air-borne pollutants.


"Is it really my item in the box?"

Yes! For assurance, a Polaroid photo taken just before the box is closed is attached to the outside of the box. If you wish to see your gown after cleaning or be present while your gown is being packaged, just ask and we will be happy to accommodate.


"Can I open the box?"

Yes! Opening and re-closing instructions are also attached to the outside of the box.

"How do I store the package?"

Preferably flat (not on end), in a cool, dry, climate-controlled place away from pipes or ducts.

At Prestige...Exceptional Fabricare we share your desire to protect your cherished textile articles and we have the ability to help you keep them for years to come.


Many items such as wedding gowns, christening outfits, wall hangings, antiques and heirloom pieces are delicate and require special attention. We understand their importance, respect their value to you, and will do our professional best to safeguard them. However, some conditions of use, storage or manufacture may have a limiting effect on whether such items can be cleaned safely and yield satisfactory results. Below is a list of some of the conditions and/ or potential problems which could exist. When an article is brought in, we go over it with you, examining it carefully, checking for any of these areas of concern and together you and we gain a greater understanding of the challenges faced.

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