Our Exceptional Shirt Laundry:

Our top-of-the-line shirt pressing equipment aided by the skills of our shirt pressing operators produces a beautiful shirt which we enhance by hand iron touch-up.
"We commit daily to meeting the high quality standards listed
below which underpin the service we have named..."

Shirt Laundry


  1. 1. Collar and cuffs as free of wrinkles as shirt construction permits.

  2. 2. Collar sitting down properly in the back and rounded (so necktie won't show)

  3. 3. "Ring around the collar", spots and stains pre-treated by hand.

  4. 4. Wash formulas, hot and cold, which enhance shirt longevity and retention of the brilliance of whites and the depth of colors.

  5. 5. Shirt fronts, sides, sleeves, pockets, epaulets (if present) all smooth and wrinkle-free.

  6. 6. Buttons on, matching, right size, not cracked or loose.

  7. 7. Starched as requested ( no starch, light, medium, heavy).
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