Drycleaning The Delicate:

Since 1957, Prestige has focused on providing sensitive care for articles of exceptional value and fragility, applying extraordinary hand skills, technical knowledge and fashion understanding to the restoration process while keeping delicates out of harm's way:

Prior to cleaning, fragile, decorative buttons are either protected in a "Velcro sandwich" or removed and re-sewn after cleaning and finishing.
Stain Removal:
Our technicians possess a sophisticated understanding of delicate fabrics and sensitive dyes and stain removal methodology.
Cleaning Fluid:
The chlorine-free, velvety synthetic petroleum bath we use imparts a soft "hand" to fabrics and is particularly kind to high colors, beads, sequins, suede and vinyl trims. Constant filtration and distillation maintain solvent clarity to assure that whites and colors retain their brilliance. A drying sensor ensures that cleaned articles are dried thoroughly, eliminating "DRYCLEANING FLUID" odor.
"Pressing" is such a poor descriptor of the art of finishing. Of course, pressure must be applied when achieving a crisp finish as with linens or a sharp crease in a trouser leg, but a soft finish, a minimalist approach, defines the most adept professional finishing.
At this point every effort is made to assure that all restoration achievable has been accomplished and the article is ready for use.
Supportive tissue, appropriate forms and uncrowded plastic bagging provide protection for transportation and short term storage, so that the article can readily be worn or used.
"High End Price Structure"
As a drycleaner of the delicate, we are not a competitively priced service provider. We trust that our customers will find that our service charges are commensurate  with our exceptional abilities.

Drycleaning the Delicate Demands
Awareness, Caring Hands and Eternal Vigilance...
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